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Inspired and thoughtful spaces


Set on seven acres in beautiful South Evia County, the villas occupies a modern building area which have been thoughtfully designed.

Read Widely

Our peaceful Erodios villas is  the place  bathed in natural light and buzzing with energy where you can read peacefully on a variety of subjects. The garden offers a chance to relax and 

Dine together

Eat freshly prepared food from your in house kitchen and choose fresh goodies local farmers. 

Drink local

Taste local wines and tsipouro, as well as inventive teas and herbs or coffee all day.

Ride with Us

Enjoy  your bike ride or your sweethearts biking during your stay. We’d be happy to point you toward some of our favorite trails, shopping and restaurants, all accessible on two wheels.

Modern Retreat Nestled in 

Karystos outskirts.

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